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With Metawood India we furnish your imagination, lifestyle, your design, plans, style, scene and your personality.

Metawood India leads the way in helping architects bring their custom design ideas into reality. Metawood India have developed a range of furniture that has a strong aesthetic design that will meet all of your commercial or home requirements. We offer full design and structural engineering certification ensures furniture and artwork is going to resist public use. Our skilled workforce ensures the products are manufactured to strict quality assurance guidelines. It took hard work to bring about a progressive shift in the consumers mind. It's our commitment to furniture design and our mission to produce a furniture collection that has an exquisite appeal, is functional and sustainable to meet your every day requirements.

We can provide the full package from design to installation. All equipments are custom made to suit your needs. We sincerely believe that people deserve the best their money can buy and that our designs should reduce manufacturing costs and not style and quality; that design is not an excuse to increase costs but lower it. Here you can view a range of our original products, new ranges and also consultancy work with a wide stream of new products hitting the shelves in 2014. We are passionate about design and we strive to produce innovative pieces and exciting collections in different timbers and finishes. Because we design the majority of our furniture we are able to move quickly with changing trends.

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Metawood India is a well diversified engineering company with established presence in Heavy Engineering, Retail Display Systems & Furniture, Healthcare Equipments, Educational Furniture, Modular Offices, Modular Kitchens & Infrastructure Development.
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